Lida Winfield top
Photo Credit: Julie Lemberger


fools in plein air: fermented rain  (2020/21)
Meditation on cows, trees, and the effects of human behavior on Nature. Imagery and text inspired by Robert Walser and Marc Chagall Performance for 5 dancer/puppeteers Devised by Patti Bradshaw Costumes by Dorke Poelz Video by Adam Gurvitch and Patti Bradshaw Puppets by Patti Bradshaw. 


Flowers in Space: Impending Storm (2016, 2017, 2018)
Inspired by painter/poet/set designer Florine Stettheimer
Dance, puppetry, toy piano, projections for 4 performers
Costumes by Dorke Poelz snd Patti Bradshaw
Photo credit coming soon.




K and the Way (2016)
Inspired by Franz Kafka’s “the Castle”
Movement theater for 8 actors
With costumes by Dorke Poelz
Video by Cory Antiel
Decor by Pepper Fajans
Brooklyn Studios for Dance

Photo Credit:Rachael Shane

  "Greener Grass/au Creux des Fossettes" collaboration with Marie-Helene Brabant. June 2014 Performance Mix Festival at Here Center for the Arts.
Photo by Patti Bradshaw

La Mome Bijoux
Inspired by the photo taken by Brassai in 1933
A “humanette” animated by one actor and two puppeteers,
and one dancer. With text by Patti Bradshaw
puppet by Christine Darch and Patti Bradshaw
St. Ann’s Warehouse and Theater for the New City, NYC

Photo Credit: Richard Termine

  Disquietude: Concerning Fernando Pessoa
Based on the life and poetry of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa
Puppetry, theater and dance for 5 actor/ dancer/ puppeteers.
St. Ann’s Warehouse
Photo Credit: Richard Termine

Next to the Last Poem
An imagined day in the life of Fernando Pessoa
Puppetry and theater for 5 actors/ puppeteers.
Film shot and edited by Cory Antiel
St. Ann’s Warehouse and Theater for the New City, NYC
Photo by Richard Termine

  the continuing adventures of out of nothing
6 dancer/puppeteer/ musicians
St. Marks Church Danspace Project
Photo by Fred Hatt
  the continuing adventures of out of nothing: nature morte
13 actor/ dancer/ puppeteers/ musicians
92nd St. Y Harkness Dance Center
Photo by Julie Lemberger
nature morte
  out of nothing: songs of despair, songs of bliss
13 dancer/ actor/puppeteer/ musicians
Sarah Lawrence College
Photo by Paula Court (left), Chris Taggart (right)
      Background photo: Paula Court